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Services and Technology

Utility Billing Management & Carbon Reporting Platform

  • Bill validation & cost optimisation.

  • Automated financial processing and query resolution.

  • Scope 2 energy and carbon reporting.

Renewables & Procurement

  • On-site and off-site PPA's.

  • Renewable energy sourcing.

  • Load profile analysis, optimisation & demand response.

  • Flexible purchasing programs.

Energy Efficiency Services

  • Investment funding in low carbon technology and infrastructure.

  • Lighting & mechanical upgrades.

  • Integrated controls, metering and analytics platforms.

Audit & Assessment

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System adherence & certification

  • GreenStar Performance and Buildings rating audits.

  • CIBSE Guide L benchmarking.

  • NGERS, GRI, TCFD reporting.

Technical Asset Management

  • Digitised maintenance regimes and lifecycle assessments.

  • Regulatory compliance and risk assessment audits.

  • Site surveys and asset validation.

Offset & Advisory

  • Carbon reductions strategy development

  • Certificate accreditation

  • Tender specifications and supply chain reviews

Our Vision, Partners and Supporters

Green Bean Carbon is a boutique Energy Services Company (ESCO) that possesses vast international experience and subject matter expertise in each aspect of the Energy Management System (EnMS) for Commercial, Retail, and Industrial enterprise.


Our vision is to combine our empirical knowledge and strategic alliances to simplify a pathway and deliver net zero scope 2 carbon reduction strategies for medium to large enterprise. It is difficult for businesses with expansive functions and operations to clearly understand their energy and facility performance, and alleviate their pressure points without exerting their resources, time, and finances to often find that they still require external support in each category to create a strategy.


Green Bean Carbon can quickly undertake a review of and understand your business operation, and showcase their expertise in allowing you to maximise efficiencies through out your energy management, facilities, procurement and property department often at no cost to your business whilst introducing capital in to your portfolio to set your business on the pathway to eliminating scope 2 carbon emissions. 

Founded in Newcastle, Australia, our goal is to reduce and green your energy mix to Net Zero emissions, one bean at a time.



I2N Hub Honeysuckle

16 Honeysuckle Dr 

Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Tel: +61 (0)423 076 511


For any service enquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact us:

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