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• We combine empirical knowledge and strategic alliances to deliver net zero scope 2 carbon reduction strategies and alleviate pressure points within our client's business operations, also offering attractive capital investment opportunities.

• GBC's applied knowledge in the energy management industry enables us to bring the most effective technology and valuable solutions to guarantee maximum efficiencies and savings for your business operations or align with your strategic asset plans.


• If you are at the beginning of your net zero journey and understandably are faced with a huge challenge in understanding how your business can achieve becoming net zero with your scope 2 carbon emissions.

Our Story and Vision

​• Green Bean Carbon's management team has gained extensive global experience in the energy management industry since 2006 and provided exceptional service to many FTSE 100/200, ASX, and New York Stock Exchange listed clients across a range of high value, diverse and critical industries including finance, media, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications, and public sector.

• Our vision at Green Bean Carbon is to share our passion for supporting businesses with the transition to net zero scope 2 emissions within a risk free and strategic partnership.


• The Australian business property market is responsible for 26% of national Greenhouse Gas emissions so progression to carbon free operations within our industry plays a key part in supporting our nations challenges.


• Green Bean Carbon supports this journey through a number of services available from fully automating and digitising large expansive data sets and business operations, through to delivery of low carbon and energy efficiency projects. Green Bean Carbon capabilities allow us to offer a unique proposition in the market whilst delivering operational and administration cost savings for your business.

Green Bean Carbon adheres to global standards we are strongly positioned to ensure that our services bring your business on the journey to net zero within national and international frameworks.

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